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The Problem With Weight Loss

Is that it’s not about the weight.

I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight since switching to gluten free and then to low carb/keto last year. 100 pounds to be exact. I’ve faithfully stepped on the scale every morning (after going to the bathroom but before eating breakfast/drinking water) to check in for the day.

I didn’t let the ups get to me and I didn’t cheer too loudly (ok maybe a bit) when I hit milestones. But it’s been 309 days since I switched to gluten free and 266 days since I switched to low-carb (and started tracking weight daily). With the exception of the second week of July I’ve gotten on the scale every morning.

Thing is… I’m done tracking it. I’m healthy, I feel healthy, I look healthy, and I’m active. I’m not going back to my old way of eating anymore because the foods I used to eat are poison… to me.

It’s an interesting switch over in my head because I don’t even consider those foods anymore. I haven’t had a craving in months and with the exception of a small taste of ice cream and a paleo cupcake at Emmett’s one-year birthday party I haven’t “cheated“.

The other reason is that I’m pretty sure my body is telling me I’m at “goal” weight even though the numbers on the scale don’t give the same story that my head wants to see.

That’s what this is all about anyways. Being able to listen to your body, and I’ve been ignoring the SOB for too long.

I eat when I’m hungry and what I eat is what I crave. I don’t have snack attacks at night anymore (unless I eat dinner too early and stay up too late). I crave water instead of other things (except coffee w/ cream).

I’ll continue to be active in this community and to give advice when advice is sought, but I need to stop before I dig my brain into more of a hole over a stupid number. I’ve been enjoying my food, but there’s always that tinge of “I wonder what I’ll weigh tomorrow” thought during/after eating.

So to wrap this up… Goodbye scale… hello total dependency on what my body communicates to me because that’s the way it should be anyways.

This isn’t goodbye low carb. This is goodbye scale.

You can see my progress album here

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