On Surpassing My (then) Goal Weight

In June of 2010 I decided to lose weight. I needed to since on 6/21 I weighed in at 355 pounds. I went the suggested route and cut back on my fat and ate more whole grains. Also, since it was summer Megan and I went walking quite a bit everyday on the trail that ran right past the back of the apartment complex we were living in. I failed then. By 8/6/2010 I weighed 332 (23 pounds lost) but by 9/1 I was back up to 339 including a day at 343. I stopped tracking on 9/8 and had stopped taking daily progress pics at the beginning of August. I was defeated. It was a gradual quit then. I didn’t understand why when I ate “healthy, mostly” and exercised that my weight didn’t go down. I didn’t understand why I’d have a few good days of losing weight and then gain 5 pounds. I wasn’t tracking food at all because it was annoying and I cheated constantly due to hunger cravings.

I set my goal weight on that diet to 280 pounds because the number was just outside of the range of possible in my head. 75 pounds lost was a lot to me then especially with a 1-2lb/week loss rate. In fact, I set the goal date then to 11/9/2010 (141 days from start). Today, 143 days from the start of going gluten free (100 days since starting low-carb), I surpassed that goal.

And I’m not done yet. Goal weights don’t even come close to scaring me anymore. I used to look at that number and wish I could reach it knowing that I likely would fail at it. Today because of my support system, research, and this diet in general I’ve been able to make the 2010 version of myself proud (heh… I am Dez 2.0). I got a bit teary eyed because I still remember the stress I caused myself when I saw the scale creep up instead of down even after a really good eating/working out day. I don’t get stressed over those up days any more. They happen and with a lot of accuracy I can actually predict them the day before based on how the day is going. My body isn’t my enemy anymore. Me and it… we’re like this.

This diet is amazing. I feel better than ever and how my body responds to it is predictable and sustainable. So, to the last 50 pounds. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

Link to progress pic: Warning: shirtless man

tl;dr: My goal weight in 2010 was 280 pounds. I failed then. I’ve surpassed it now.