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Monday, June 24, 2013: Thoughts and Links


I’m finally getting over being sick for the past week. This cold would have knocked me out, well, cold had it of been previous to losing weight and getting healthier. All of us in the house have been sick including the kid (who turned 11 months on Saturday!). Hard to believe that in 9 months there’ll be four of us living in that tiny house for the time being. We’ll get through it, regardless, and I just keep thinking that families used to cram 4-5 kids plus parents into houses our size…. Sooooo, #firstworldproblems?

[one_half]Worked on my in progress patio this weekend and got the concrete blocks laid down that will be acting as benches once it’s complete. I’m impressed with my body at this point because of the work output I can get out of it before either having to take a break or stop for the day.[/one_half] [one_half_last]2013-06-22 17.45.59[/one_half_last] I saw defined muscles on my arms in the mirror for the first time today. It was initially just a glance as I was finishing brushing my teeth, but I just had to go back for a second look. There’s always been a layer of fat there and so no matter what I did when I did work out there was nothing to show for it. Now that the fat is disappearing the muscle is starting to peek out… feelsgoodbro.jpg.

I’m still having issues coming up with things to write here, but that’s likely because I try to be perfect. Also, in case I sound like a broken record, I’m just going to go ahead and create a daily post for myself at the beginning of the day and fill in links and thoughts throughout. Who knows, maybe some good nuggets will come out of it.

Today’s starts the last week of work before a 2-week vacation. YAY! It’s hard to believe that the last time I took relaxing time off was January 2012 when the family went to Hawaii. That’s too long, and really my own fault. I’m totally looking forward to having the time off and to the bit of travelling we’ll be doing in there. Of course, trying to concentrate is going to be harsh… especially since I’m either working through UAT of projects or writing tests. Not the most fun work, but it’s a job… and if it all was fun then money wouldn’t have become a thing and we’d all still be naked. I have actual testing to look forward to when I return in the middle of July.


The L.A. Lakers were put on a low-carb diet by their athletic trainer

My take: It’s not a true low-carb diet because they’re still offered whole grains and pasta, but to the trainer’s defense these guys are high functioning athletes and they can use more of the carbs for energy when performing than I do/would with my daily tasks. Still, though, Yay!

Lock down your wp-login.php to IP addresses or specific referrers

My take: If you self-host a WordPress installation, just skip to step 8 of the link and get the goodies. I’ve applied the dynamic one to the sites hosted on my server because my IP address that I login with varies that I don’t want to get locked out. AND… it works.

 Some guy built up an immunity to snake venom

My take: of COURSE I found this on Reddit’s TIL. The first comment I read (which I was looking for, really) was a Princess Bride reference. It’s almost like it was a contest to the first one to get that comment in, won… but he didn’t really win since it’s third down the list now, as of writing.

80% of Pre-Packaged Foods in America Are Banned In Other Countries

My take: So not only are the dietary choices that my wife and I are making good for us, but they make us able to legally suggest as shopping lists, recipes, etc in other countries. I still get confused about how people can think a highly processed “insert processed food name here” with a billion ingredients and allergy announcements than the food that either doesn’t require a nutrition label or it would only have 1-2 ingredients if it did require one (usually salt is the 2nd).