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How I Lost 90 Pounds In Six Months

Since October 1, 2012 I’ve lost 90 pounds. How did I do it? Eating the Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) way. Even more specific it’s the Ketogenic varient of LCHF. More specifically my diet looked like this: Low Carb, Whole Foods, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Sugar Free, Natural, Restricted Paleo, Ketogenic, and Delicious. But no matter how you describe it; it’s done me a load of good.

On October 1, 2012 I weighed in at the biggest number I’d ever seen on a scale while I was standing on it: 361.2 pounds. It was also the day that I went gluten free (1 month after my wife and on her insistence). For the next 43 days the only change in my diet was that I didn’t eat gluten. I stopped having GI issues that had confused me for pretty much my entire life. I also lost 15.8 pounds.

11/11/10: Married in Vegas


Flipping the Switch

The night of November 12th I watched a movie that changed the way I actually thought about food. Fat Head set up the next 5 months for me. It didn’t answer all of my questions, but lead me down the path to researching things for myself. I’ve never known more about the food I buy, cook, and eat than I do now. I know what a bagel will do to me. I know what a candy bar will do to me. Not just from a feelings perspective, but from a more scientific one.

tobys_first_marathonEven more important was the cooperation and mutual participation of my wife throughout this. She didn’t start LCHF until the day after Thanksgiving 2012, but because I had already gone low-carb she was headed down that path already. The other important push came from her mom. She’d been LCHF for 14 months or so by then and had lost an amazing 70 pounds just by changing her diet… And it wasn’t the first time she’d done it with this diet. It would be the last though, because she’s not going back either.

The Food

2013-01-29 18.57.32It’s really not hard eating like this. It’s hard shopping for food to eat like this because everything in the grocery store is geared towards the processed variety. I shop on the fringes of the stores and am coincidentally in a fringe but growing segment of people in this country that have discovered this way of living and eating works for themselves and their families.

I’ve also discovered the joy that cooking can actually bring when it doesn’t involve complicated procedures or techniques to make it good. If you can use whole ingredients instead and just chop, shred, or stir them to something delicious it makes the whole process easier. Megan hasn’t argued with this at all and loves my cream sauces (which are REALLY EASY to make).

Seeing Myself

10th Grade

10th Grade

Beyond the eating and losing weight there are the emotional and mental changes that I’ve noticed coming through. In my life I’ve never seen myself as thinner. I’ve always been the heavy one. I was teased somewhat in elementary for being chunky even to the point of the gym teacher telling my parents that I was the slowest in the class. Even when I got to high school and was a three sport athlete and looking back and seeing pictures where I was actually trim I still remember seeing myself then as fat. My self-esteem regarding how I looked was on the low end of horrible and continued that way even through now where I’m just starting to see myself differently than I did even a month ago. That’s a longer term track to wellness than this weight journey has been, but it’ll sort itself out in time. I’m confident of that.

I’m never going back to that.

Me on 7/22/2012

Me on 7/22/2012

I’ve come too far in six months to think the typical “Now that I’ve lost the weight I can go back to eating again”. I now see any of that as bad for me and bad for my body. No matter how good it tastes; it’s not worth it and there’s plenty of other things that are just as tasty but come with the added benefit of being good for me.

I’ve gone from a size 44 pant to a 38. 4X shirts were becoming the norm and just a week ago or so I put on a XL shirt and wore it all day without it being tight or showing my belly off. I bought new belts in December after losing 30 pounds: I need new belts now.

Where To Go From Here?

I’m not done yet with this track and have between 20 & 40 pounds left to lose (depending on where I decide I’ve lost enough… BMI is stupid). But once I do get to that point I’ll be switching to Paleo and continuing on the grain-free/whole foods way of eating. Seriously… it’s that good. It’s not because I think LCHF is too limiting, but my son is going to be Paleo and I’d like to be able to share food experiences with him regarding eating whole fruits (not juices), and just generally have a wider range of flavors to add to my new found cooking skills.

I’ll continue to be an advocate for this way of eating. Technically Paleo falls under Low Carb since it’s typically under 100 grams of carbohydrates per day, but between my wife and I; it’s always been about going Paleo once we hit maintenance.


That last part of this is the well-wishes and inspirators of this journey. This journey hasn’t been travelled alone or even only within my close-knit family (thanks Megan and Linda!). My friends at My Fitness Pal, Reddit Keto, Wendy, Amelia, Bill, Art & Emily, Clockworkers, and the multitude of blogs I read with real and personal stories within them.

The first six months


The Result

Me on 4/2/2013


Thank you to the amazing Sharyn Morrow for the photos. The full album can be found here