A Year of Weight Loss – Text Version

One year ago today, I switched to a gluten free diet. It happened that I also stepped on the scale and saw the highest number I’d ever seen displayed back at me in that impersonal way that only a digital bathroom scale can do. A month and a half later I switched to low-carb.

This picture was from 2010, but I looked about the same last year when I started this. XXXL Shirt.

Since that day I’ve realized that I can control my body and to a point decide what I’m going to eat and when I’m going to eat it. I only say “to a point” because I try to stretch it sometimes between meals due to being busy and end up making worse decisions that normal. But what qualifies as “food” for most people doesn’t register on the edible scale for me any longer.

When I started losing weight quickly in November/December of 2012 I became a purist… I wanted to spread the good word about this and truthfully felt like it was the best thing ever that everyone should be on. I’ve changed my tune (for everyone), but the majority of shit that people pile in their mouths really shouldn’t be considered more edible than the packing peanuts that accompany shipped goods.

However, I’m tired of arguing the generalist points to make everyone happy. I had a few good posts along the way that really resonated with people, but I had to work really hard and hold my tongue on a few points that I wrote so I didn’t turn people off. So the baseline is this.

You need to do what “WORKS” for you. But, in my honest opinion, most of the other shit diets that some of you are on are only going to result in temporary losses and permanent frustrations.

I’ve been there. I’ve been frustrated. I also couldn’t give up my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread (because that’s healthier) for fear that I might wither and die from starvation.

I had a problem with food. Because I wasn’t eating hardly any “food”. I eat good, whole, real food now (except for those damned roasted nuts at work which are the bane of my… they’re delicious and I need to work on that weakness but it’ll be easier once I eat them all).

Food is life. Food is family. Food is ever present in today’s society. You can’t take the approach that “I can’t eat that” because you’ll fail. You’ll reward yourself with the “cant’s” because you deserve it. At the same time you need to eat and your social gatherings are more than likely going to be centered around food.

When you can’t eat something you’ll eat it because you will feel hungry in the presence of people eating it. If you don’t consider it “food” it’s not a big deal. You’ll parse through the nuts and dig out the almonds. Or you’ll just grab a bowl and make yourself a keto taco.

Whatever it is that you do; you have to continue doing it. There’s no such thing as a temporary diet unless you don’t mind having two different sizes of clothes in your closet at all times.

I now understand the biology around what my body does with the food I eat and how it affects my weight. This is why there are large swathes of the grocery store that would be better served as a kid’s playground instead of the cardboard boxes they now display.

The amount of reading I’ve done is only dwarfed by the reading I’ve done for my profession (but I’ve been at that for 10 years). I wanted to really understand the results of studies so I read a bunch of stuff just to get a basic understanding of statistics so I could appreciate what I was looking at.

I’m down 100 pounds. I’ve been down as much as 109 pounds, but I’ve hung around here since April. I’ve kind of found my sweet spot regarding weight. I likely won’t lose anymore unless I add exercise into the mix (or stop eating the damn nuts) but that’s a success post for another day.

The main ingredient for this successoup I’ve been eating for a year is the happiness I’ve felt doing it. After the initial cravings for non-food (about a week for me) went away I didn’t look at bagels, pizza, or PB&J’s the same way again.

What used to be an affinity for the best crust in town now is moreso about the best oven-cooked chicken. We don’t eat out nearly as much as we used to because the experience level needed to cook has dropped precipitously. All the things I knew how to cook before but couldn’t eat are now my main sources of fuel.

So to wrap this all up in a bow:

  • Eat what makes you happy
  • Eat what makes you lose weight
  • If you “can’t” eat it then why is it considered food?
  • Eat whole, real foods
  • Eat at home with your family and invite your friends

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