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A Year of Weight Loss – Meme Version

In 2010: I lost 23 pounds

23 pounds in 2 months through SAD and light exercise. Couldn’t continue with that diet because I couldn’t stand being hungry all the time and didn’t have the willpower to stay away from treats and binging.

For the next 3 years

I pretty much believed this. And listed to people when they told me that I looked good being 6’7″ and 360 pounds. “You’re 360 pounds? You look good for weighing that”

My constant thought

Self critical, low self-esteem, sweating for no reason, fear of public places mainly due to sweating. Fear of sitting in non-sturdy looking chairs. It was obvious that I weighed too much

My MIL lost 80 pounds on keto & suggested gluten free

I had looked into paleo in the summer of 2011. I even tried it for 3 or 4 days. Felt great, but because the wife wasn’t willing to do it (at that time) it was too expensive an option for us. Plus I had been mistaken that I could eat all the nuts I want; hence the expense.

Watched FatHead

You should watch:

I went low-carb the next day

Starting 2013 with a bang

Found /r/keto

Started commenting on /r/keto

Lost 100 pounds

Damn those cookies were good, though. Too bad I couldn’t eat less than 1 bag at a time. Now, at least, I know why.

Am now able to have one of those cool before/after shots:

Wow… not even the same person

The text version of my 100 pounds weight loss is here