Tag, You’re It… Or Not It… Or Wait… How Do You Tag?

I’ve been using/misusing/abusing/ignoring tags in all my things forever. It’s time to ask the question. How do you tag? This can also apply to labeling, but not categorization (I’ve got that one down pat)

So what’s your system?

I’ve been using Evernote for a little while now. Also, this thing called WordPress has crossed my path a time or two. Both use tags to group things into the same category, but tags aren’t categories. Also, any bookmark saving system that I’ve used before has fallen on deaf ears because I’m horrible at this tagging thing. It’s like the hashtag of curators as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve got a few “biggest problems” in regards to tagging. 1) I overthink it. 2) I get frustrated when I use tags that will likely never be used again.

Is number 2 even a problem? Take this blog for example. There are tons of tags that I’ve used before but only used once. Was it because I didn’t want to write on that topic again? (maybe). Was it because I used a horrible tag that was too specific to be able to be applied to something else? (now we’re cooking with fire).

How do you tag things in your digital life? How do you curate? Do you even care or does it even matter?