Emmett – 6 months in and a few “Firsts” videos


Just a quick update on the tiny (not so) nugget.

He’s about 6.5 months when writing this and getting to be more and more of his own person all the time. We’re really lucky to have such a good baby in our lives and it really helps that he’s adorable.

There are a few videos below this, but here’s a list of things he’s done so far:

  • Crawls: With arms and legs (video)
  • Got on his knees climbing up to something (video)
  • Got his first two teeth
  • Started eating solids (order of introduction)
    • Avocado
    • Banana
    • Sweet Potato
    • Apple
    • Sweet Peas (although he really doesn’t care for these yet)
    • Carrots
  • Stays sitting up all on his own
  • Can get to a sitting up position all on his own

Can we just say that teething sucks? I think everyone agrees with this and thankfully Mother Nature was kind enough to let us all forget this portion of our lives. I can’t imagine having that constant pain.

Here’s the videos promised:

Figured out how to pull himself up to his knees. A case of “Surprise Daddy! you left me alone while you peed!”

Video link

Around 1:38 for the crawling part

Video link

More gratuitous cuteness:

2013-01-22 15.07.25