Is Calorie Counting an Eating Disorder?

Before I get into my take here’s the link to the Diet Doctor post and a link to his follow-up

Diet Doctor was unintentionally my first resource upon starting keto since he’s got a LCHF for beginners page with some easy to understand basics that are laid out nicely and not mixed in with science until you get further down the page.

I respect his opinion a ton and this post made me really question what I’ve done previously in MFP and since I stopped counting my food a week ago the obsession* with knowing exactly what I’m ingesting is starting to subside.

It’s an interesting transition. I’m readjusting back to where I was before I started tracking at the beginning of January and eating until I feel satiated. I can actually trust my body again with the amount of hunger I feel and the amount of food it takes to be satiated. The weight is coming off with a predictable rate and because of my data tracking and note taking I can accurately predict a few things.

So, do I think calorie counting is an eating disorder? Not by the classical definition of disorder, but I definitely think it could lead to a classical disorder if unchecked and unmanaged. I don’t want to weigh and look up everything I eat since I’m eating whole foods at this point and I especially don’t want to have to do it forever. I don’t even look at labels anymore since only the oils/dairy products that I buy even have labels.

The hardest part is that calorie counting is extremely habit forming if you’ve got good progress losing weight. I know that I attributed a lot of my weight loss to my need to log my food, but my wife lost weight without counting and just eating when she was hungry; so my analytical brain threw up a flag.

The other danger I’ve noticed is that since I stopped tracking I got dehydrated once because my original tie to water was the need to track it. Once I stopped tracking I didn’t act on the urge to fill up my empty water bottle.

What’s your take?

\obsession: *Having to know what I’m eating or be disappointed and irritated that I couldn’t track it. Or not eating something because I don’t know what exactly is in it even if it’s presented to me by someone I trust and have been told that it’s low-carb.

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