Goodbye 50lbs. I never really liked you anyways


This weekend I weighed in at the lowest weight I’ve seen on a scale since 2002. It also marked my 50 pound progress mark on my weight loss journey. I did some reflecting this weekend which included a trip down memory lane to my weight loss attempt in 2010 that sputtered and died after 2 months and only 20 pounds lost. I should mention that I put the weight back on plus 7 pounds after that.

This post is short, but there are some significant things that have happened in the course of 50 pounds:

  • My face is skinnier and my glasses fit better
  • I bought jeans in a store that didn’t have “Big and Tall” in it’s name for the first time since high school.
  • The jeans I mentioned above are now loose on me
  • sub-300 pounds is now well within my grasp (and could possibly happen in the next few weeks)
  • I started tracking my food and not cheating the data (and myself in the process)
  • I got interested in a reddit /r/ & this one
  • I published a topless picture of me on the internet
  • I was complimented by two coworkers on the same day about how nice my new shirt was
  • My “new” shirt is 3 years old and I’ve worn it at least once a month since I bought it
  • I learned to love cooking and cook at least half the dinners and weekend meals here at home now
  • Megan doesn’t mind this either
  • My taste buds have changed for the better and I can now pick out very minute tastes in foods
  • I feel like I have control of my body
  • I don’t crave bread, pizza, bagels, chips, burritos, orange juice, crackers, sub sandwiches, chinese food, pasta, cookies, doughnuts, pastries
  • I’m grain free now
  • I feel like my energy level is what it was in high school
  • I’m sickened by the food I used to eat and have tracked a bunch of things I remember eating
  • I’ve made a promise to myself to never come back to any point along this journey
  • That same promise extends to my son, which will make me keep it (I break promises to myself all the time)
  • My creativity is starting to come back
  • I engaged myself to organize my life by using Evernote and have stuck to it
  • I’m excited to start playing sports again
  • I’m excited to start working out in the spring (that’s right, 50lbs down and not a finger lifted in the name of exercise)
  • I’m excited about my future
  • I’m excited about my family’s future

You can track my progress at my MyFitnessPal Profile as well as check my food diary there for what I’ve been eating. My Weight Loss Chart is here. I try to update the sidebar with the latest information every day (even up days).

If you’re going through your own weight loss journey and need a friendly ear. Don’t hesitate to contact me. Low-cal or low-carb. I’m available.