Video Player is Too Small to Play Vevo Youtube Video on Facebook

note I’m seeing a bunch of search traffic come in on this one. Solution: Mouse over the video and click the Video title to watch the video on Youtube.

I wonder what the point was for making sure that video player is of a certain size to play the video in this case?

Also, how do you expect your video to get views if you can’t share it?

Vevo Video Too Small

My guess is that they didn’t want the video to be able to play at a size where ads would be too small to display so they forced a minimum size. Update From the links at the bottom, this is exactly what’s causing it. Turning off advertising for a video will allow it to be played.

I had to figure out what the difference was so I made a quick page to compare them as you can see in this screenshot:

Let’s take a less restrictive channel and see if these work. I give you John Green of the Vlog Brothers

This works just fine. So now the question remains… why can’t you play music videos on Facebook?

Here’s the Vlog Brothers video

Update At least I’m not the only one having these issues. Found a Yahoo Answers (dead link) question regarding this. The solution was to up the video player size. And here’s a Youtube group posting