When the user experience sucks go around it | Test Converter

We use TestLink¬†at Clockwork. I have a love/hate relationship with this software. I love the fact that there’s a place to store tests, display tests while executing, and get reports during execution times. I hate using the software. This includes creating test cases and plans. The entry method is a hodgepodge of rich text fields and the tab order isn’t all that intuitive. Making it even worse is that copy/pasting text that you’ve created into the fields is SLOW since the editor on page can’t access the machine’s clipboard directly and has to popup another field so that you can paste it in.

Solution for entry: My coworker Leaf made a converter using markup so that we could create test plans and tests in a plain text file and then convert it to the xml that TestLink requires for importing. It’s kind of awesome. Here’s his post on the creation of the program and here’s the github link so you can get it for yourself.