Tuesday Blogversation: 4-11-2010: Meghan Wilker & Nancy Lyons

Nancy Lyons Meghan Wilker

This week’s Tuesday Blogversation is with Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker; also known as the Geek Girls. I have known both Megan and Nancy for a few years now. I worked with both of them during my time with Clockwork. They are both everything they claim to be. Super-smart and amazingly personable. I’m really glad they begged accepted my request to be interviewed for this series. I seriously adore these two (in a totally non-creepy way). They are co-authors on Geek Girls Guide (GGG) after having blogged on their own sites for years (psst… Meghan met her husband because of Nancy because of blogging).

Nancy Lyons ( twitter ) is the President and CEO of Clockwork Active Media Systems. She enjoys teaching others about technology and helping to make technology simple and accessible. She was chosen one of the Twin Cities 40 under 40  by City Business in May of 2001 and in 2004 was chosen as one of the Women To Watch by Business Journal. She has served on the multiple local boards of directors and is currently chair of the Rainbow Families/Family Equality Councin’s Midwest Advisory Council. Most of all she enjoys time with her son.

Meghan Wilker ( twitter ) is the Managing Director of Clockwork Active Media Systems. In 2009 she was chosen by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal as one of the 25 Women To Watch. She’s an amazing speaker, listener, and teacher. She’s a big proponent of the “Getting Things Done” (GTD) way of working/living and writes for the GTD Times. When she’s not working or blogging, she enjoys running, Bollywood movies, doing tech support for her parents, and spending time with her husband and two kids.

Geek Girls Guide was started in January of 2008 as a place to publish their perspective on the Interactive industry and demystify technology for non-technical audiences. Their mission is to make web technology accessible and exciting and cultivate a movement of empowered women and men online by hosting safe, welcoming places to ask technology questions online and in real life, educating non-technical audiences on the practical applications of internet technology, creating opportunities for women and men in software and web development to socialize and network, and advocating for their audiences at software and web industry events.


This week’s blogversation is supported by audio.  I received this only today so I don’t have a transcript ready. But here’s the audio for your listening pleasure. Meghan and Nancy are funnier via audio anyways. To prove it check out some of their podcasts.

You can download the mp3 here

Later tonight I’ll get a transcript up with some timestamps for inside the audio.  Maybe even a fancy streaming thing (so you don’t have to download the file).

When did you get started in blogging?
MP3 Timestamp: 1:00

What topics did you focus on?
MP3 Timestamp: 2:30

Why did you stop your personal blogs?
MP3 Timestamp: 5:45

What made you decide to start Geek Girls Guide (GGG)?
MP3 Timestamp: 8:20

How do you stay out of the activism portion of blogging that tends to happen when blogging for a specific demographic?
MP3 Timestamp: 16:45

Are there responsibilities in blogging just like journalism?
MP3 Timestamp: 19:45

What’s been the best unexpected take-away from a post?
MP3 Timestamp: 20:55

Why podcasts?
MP3 Timestamp: 22:42

What kind of process goes into creating a podcast?
MP3 Timestamp: 23:09

What tips do you have for other bloggers regarding writing and topics?
MP3 Timestamp: 24:05

Who’s on your ‘must-read’ list?
MP3 Timestamp: 25:35


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