Halloween-Eve Night Out

It’s Friday. Megan and I haven’t gone out and done actual stuff (besides aisle shopping at a few stores) in quite some time. So tonight we hit the trifecta. Dinner, Fright Farm, and then Paranormal Activity.

Dinner was at Acapulco in Maplewood (link|map) and it was delicious. Typically what you find at a Mexican restaurant is bad presentation and the plate looks filled with sauce and random piles of stuff. I had the Acapulco Burrito and when it was served up I ended up with a big burrito that had sauce, salsa, and sour cream in little serving cups on the side with the burrito sprinkled with cilantro. Everything tasted fresh (even the refried beans) and the steak had a great spice to it that instead of being spicy was more for the taste. Also there was a great mariachi band and as you can see I loved that (tweet | tweet | tweet). From the looks of it the restaurant has live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

Next on the agenda was Fright Farm put on by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s office. They do an excellent job at presentation and keep the crowd waiting in line with a few costumed/made up monsters (pics at end of post). Once inside they do a very good job of keeping the crowd on their toes with monsters jumping out of corners. Everyone had great costumes and very well done makeup.

Last on the list of todo was Paranormal Activity. Wow, amazingly well done. Especially since there wasn’t a script, but rather a guideline. I’m not going to review the movie here (so I don’t have to say “spoiler alert” anywhere), but you should definitely try to see it in the theater since having other people responding to the happenings in the film is one of the best parts about the experience.

btw… Megan and I were surprised at how little tonight cost us.  A total of $81 give or take $0.50 or so.

  • Dinner for two (3 drinks total): $48 w/ tip
  • Fright Farm: $14.00
  • Movie Tickets: $10.00 total (we had a free ticket coupon)
  • Pop: $9.00

Here’s the pics from fright farm.