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First In-Home Puppy Bath

Tonight was the first time we’ve given Jeff a bath at home. Truth be told, this is only the second bath we’ve given him. The first time was at the vet clinic in their wash facilities and it cost us $15.00.

We thought that was a rip-off. We’ve just been procrastinating doing it ourselves for a while. Knowing how much he hates getting wet since taking him on a bathroom break in the rain is a nightmare; we weren’t looking forward to the action of putting him in our bathtub and holding him down.

Well, he didn’t do so bad. Once he realized that I wasn’t going to let go of his collar he stopped struggling. We’re trying out an oatmeal and baking soda based shampoo from Petsmart. It definitely made his coat much shinier than it already was.

One side effect that I didn’t quite anticipate was his apparent need to run like a mad-dog through the house afterwards. Luckily I had the foresight to close the bathroom door so that I could properly dry him off before the mad dash began.

He ended up needing a second bath after going outside due to the fact that it’s been sprinkling out and he found it necessary to try and get something that was just out of reach from the other side of the fence. This involved laying in dirt and he ended up coating his entire belly with it.

After this, I don’t think we’ll wait so long for his next bath. He’s not so bad, he just leaves a nasty film of dirt on the bottom of the tub which is kind of a bitch to clean up.